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Abit KT7-RAID Driver

The Janitor's bird eats barbie. The purpose of these modded BIOS' is to provide bit LBA support on the Highpoint Controller (IDE 3/4) on the Abit KT7-RAID. ABIT has continued their recent return to tradition with their first entry into the Socket-A/KT arena, the KT7-RAID. Since their first entry into  BIOS‎: ‎Award Modular BIOS PG; ABIT Soft. One ABIT Motherboard. One wire/pin ribbon cable for master and slave Ultra DMA/, Ultra DMA/66 or Ultra DMA/33 IDE devices (KT7/KT7A Only).


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Abit KT7-RAID Driver

  • Abit KT7-RAID / KT7A-RAID Modded BIOS'
  • Review: ABIT KT7 Raid - Mainboard -
  • Abit KT7-RAID / KT7A-RAID Modded BIOS'

Abit KT7-RAID you have trouble fitting everything on the diskette, go to Folder Options, click on the View tab and enable display of Hidden and System Files and uncheck the box to Hide Protected and Operating System Files and respond "yes" to the warning. Then go back and delete everything on the diskette except IO. These three are the only files required to Abit KT7-RAID to a clean DOS prompt everything else is either utilities or device drivers that you do not need.


Once your DOS diskette is prepared, copy Abitfae. BIN to it. Follow the on-screen prompts and, once Awdflash.

At this point, turn off the computer using the switch on your PSU. Both these files consist of Abit's original BIOS unaltered in any waywith the Abit KT7-RAID modification being that I embedded Highpoint's version 2. Be certain you flash the correct file for your motherboard check the label Abit KT7-RAID your motherboard, usually located on the outside edge of the last ISA slot Abit KT7-RAID also want to pick up the matching version 2.

OEM file should be in the root directory. The above file also includes the Highpoint version 2.


The entire extracted contents of the above file will fit on a diskette, so there's no need to remove the BIOS files. Pick up version 2. Installation Abit KT7-RAID at Abit KT7-RAID own peril.

Also be aware that the installation of the driver is different. Take note of the Readme. My modded BIOS files should Abit KT7-RAID with this new driver.


I generally refuse, since I have no way to test my creations To avoid re-inventing the wheel and, should you find this page on the web and be tempted to ask Abit KT7-RAID, I'm reproducing Abit KT7-RAID instructions here. Be mindful that all of the following is to be accomplished at your own peril!

The one thing that needs improving on all socket-A motherboards is the mechanism for clamping the heat Abit KT7-RAID on the processor. The KT7 is no exception, with critical components located dangerously close to the catches for the clamp see picture below.

ABIT KT7-RAID - motherboard - ATX - Socket A - KT Series Specs - CNET

However, the primary blame goes to AMD for their heat sink clamping design. It needs to be reworked to make Abit KT7-RAID easier to latch and unlatch the clamp without endangering components on the motherboard. It sticks straight up out Abit KT7-RAID the center of the CPU socket the blue dot in the picture belowpreventing the CPU from seating properly.


However, this was intentional on Abit's part. You need to bend Abit KT7-RAID sensor down just enough so that the CPU goes into the socket, and then the spring action of the heavy leads that connect the thermal sensor to the motherboard will hold the sensor tight against the bottom of the CPU. This ensures an accurate temperature reading Abit KT7-RAID the sensor.


The KT7 has a fan and heat sink on the Northbridge of the VIA chipset, which should help keep things cool if you decide to overclock the front side bus. However, now that multiplier overclocking is Abit KT7-RAID with socket A processor's from AMD, bus overclocking is not necessary. Abit KT7-RAID

Bus overclocking with Intel processors can offer substantial speed boosts. However, bus overclocking Abit KT7-RAID AMD processors is often less successful due to the stringent timing requirements of the EV6 bus. This is Abit KT7-RAID at the factory by using a laser to cut several contacts on the surface of these processors. If you want to know more about T-Bird and Duron overclocking, and how to do it, click Here.

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