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Acer 1240UT Driver

Acer's ScanPrisa models sit above its range of dpi and dpi scanners, but below the ScanPremio devices. The ScanPrisa UT is a. Acer UT drivers will help to correct errors and fix failures of your device. Download drivers for Acer UT for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME. VueScan is the best way to get your Acer/BenQ UT working on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, and more. See why over 10 million.


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Acer 1240UT Driver

For scanning slides or other see-through items, you need a scanner that can shine a light through the subject. Ordinary, low cost Acer 1240UT scanners just have a white inlay on the underside of the lid.


To get useable results from transparencies, they need a Acer 1240UT adaptor that replaces the plain lid with one containing a separate illuminator, that moves in sync with the scan head to shine through the subject. All professional flatbed scanners have a transparency adaptor option, or come with one as standard. But practically none of the cheap ones even have the option. Well, here's one that does. Meaningful numbers Scanner purchasers often seem to be moved by resolution and bit depth numbers, without really knowing what they mean and what else you should Acer 1240UT for in a scanner.

The UT does well in both departments, but for many users it won't matter at all.

Here's the low-down. First, resolution.

Acer cameras and scanners drivers

The concept's simple enough - it's the maximum pixel density, in dots per inch dpiAcer 1240UT a scanner can record. A dpi scanner can turn a three by three inch area of its scan bed into an by pixel image.

Acer 1240UT enough. Well, until the marketing people get to it, anyway. There are lots of cheap scanners these days that quote Acer 1240UT resolution, but at the bottom end of the price range that usually means dpi optical resolution and only dpi mechanical. Optical resolution is the pickup density of the scan head.


If it records, say, pixels per inch, then you've got dot per inch optical resolution. It's the resolution across the scan bed Acer 1240UT the short axis.

Acer AcerScan 1240UT - flatbed scanner - desktop - USB Specs

Mechanical resolution is determined by the scan head moving apparatus; the smaller the steps the head can be moved in, the higher the mechanical resolution. This Acer 1240UT the resolution down the scan bed - the long Acer 1240UT. The UT has true by resolution - dots per inch, both ways.

And, as far as I can tell, it's not even cheating to get it. Some scanners with "dpi" optical resolution get the higher resolution out of a standard dpi scan head, by Acer 1240UT two passes over the subject. On the second pass, a tilted glass refractor shifts the image one twelve-hundredth of an inch sideways on the scan head.

Acer ScanPrisa UT Review ZDNet

Some others do a similar dodge by using a pair of dpi sensors, offset by a half pixel from each other - the effect's the same, but you only need one pass. The Acer 1240UT from these sorts of scanners is better Acer 1240UT dpi, but not as good as a true dpi scanner will manage. The half-pixel offset they use means that each sensor element on the head sees half of what its next-door neighbour sees, as well as the little stripe of the subject that it's supposed to be looking at.

Other dpi scanners have dpi optical resolution one way or another Not so, with the UT. Genuine byno tricks.

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