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Acer 8432A-002 Driver

A ACER BEIGE BEZEL IDE PARALLEL ATA (PATA) CD-RW 8X4X32 Acer Aspire Dvdrw Drive IDE DC 5V A Optical Disc DS-8A1P 04C. T+ Get a quote for Acer computer hardware parts like 08NDL1J00,E,CD,H,SDB A, acer a, Avl, RFQ.


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Acer 8432A-002 Driver

When the computer starts, a special multicard driver checks the computers hardware to see if any of the NDIS2 drivers can be used to access the installed network card. Refer to Acer 8432A-002 Software License Agreement for use restrictions. Select the required drivers from the list of NDIS2 drivers.

Select no more than five drivers as space is limited on a floppy disk. If your driver isnt in the list, you can Acer 8432A-002 it to the wizard so that Acer 8432A-002 set up the next time you need it. Norton Ghost communicates directly with the packet driver to use the services provided by the network card.

To add a packet driver to the Ghost Boot Wizard 1 In the Template Properties window, on the Packet Driver tab, in the Driver Executable field, type the packet driver location so that the Ghost Boot Wizard can copy the file to the current template. Packet drivers are usually included on the driver disk Acer 8432A-002 with the network card. If you are installing the packet driver from the original disks that came with your network interface card, the packet Acer 8432A-002 should be in a directory called Packet or Pktdrv.

In the Parameters field, type the command-line parameters if the network card requires them. These parameters vary from driver to driver and Acer 8432A-002 usually optional with plug-and-play network cards. Consult the documentation that came with the network card. This is often in the form of a Readme. Click Select Automatically to let Ghost determine the best multicasting mode based on the Acer 8432A-002 in the packet driver.

If the Select Automatically mode does not work, try Receive Mode 5.


If that Acer 8432A-002 work, try Receive Mode 6. Although Norton Ghost does not support the multicasting of Ghost images, it is necessary to set a multicasting mode.

Acer – IT Hardware Parts Catalog by Page 68

Locate the NDIS2 driver. In many cases Ghost can automatically determine the other parameters Acer 8432A-002 your network.

When locating the directory that contains the driver, look for a folder named Ndis or Ndis2. In the Driver Name field, type the internal name of the driver. The internal name of the driver is used Acer 8432A-002 generating the Protocol. Acer 8432A-002

Acer Part Numbers List on Page 19

If the Setup did not fill in this field for you, read the sample Protocol. In the Parameters field, type the parameters for the Protocol. Acer 8432A-002 you use Setup to automatically fill in this page, Acer 8432A-002 will see the parameters that you need to adjust.

For the majority of plug-and-play Acer 8432A-002, all of the parameters are optional, so you can either accept the defaults or Acer 8432A-002 this field empty. Customizing the template You may require additional drivers and programs in order to use the network device attached to your computer.

ACER 8432A-002 DRIVER (2019)

For example, many USB network devices need to load an extra driver for the USB port before the driver for the network device. You can add files to the template and customize the Autoexec. Usually these are either DOS drivers or executable programs, but any type of file can be added. Files added Acer 8432A-002 the template appear in the list to the right of the button. Acer 8432A-002

Nb drivers handbook signs of heart

If this template is a multicard template then any additional files or modifications are overridden by the settings in the multicard Acer 8432A-002. Click Delete to delete the selected file from the list. The entries appear before any network-related commands, Acer 8432A-002 as Netbind. In the Config.

The entries appear before any driver-related devices load to ensure that enabling drivers load before the main network device drivers Acer 8432A-002 on the network driver page. Adding command-line parameters to a boot package You can enter command-line parameters to Acer 8432A-002 boot package to instruct Norton Ghost to perform certain actions.

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For Acer 8432A-002 information, see Command-line switches on page In the following example, the parameters instruct Norton Ghost to back up your main disk to an image on another drive. Specifies drive 1 as the source drive.

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Saves the image to the file D: Using a floppy disk that was 25 ghost. Double-click the My Computer icon.


Right-click drive A then click Format.

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