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Adaptec 810 series Driver

Adaptec AIC host adapter chip. Adaptec AIC host (Series 4xx). MegaRAID Enterprise (Series ) 53CA. 53C Adaptec AHAx (VLB) (AIC) (AHA). Adaptec AHAB (PCI) (since kernel series x). Adaptec AHA (PCI). Use the Future Domain driver. Adaptec AHA, AHAU, AHAAU, AHA, AHAU, AHA Symbios Logic/NCR 53c, 53cA, 53c, 53c, 53c, 53cA, Express (Series ), Express (Series ), Dell PERC 2/SC, 2/DC.


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Adaptec 810 series Driver

If you don't want to loose your data in case of black-out, you need a battery backup BBU. That ensures that any pending writes during a blackout can finish being saved as soon as power is restored.

Adaptec RAID with SMC TQ Backplane

Some Adaptec 810 series support using an SSD so that a BBU isn't so important, but some SSDs do not deal with power loss well, do your research before relying on this solution. A RAID controller using write-through instead of write-back behaves very poorly. You can use the command pveperf to have a general idea of performance.

Actually, probably all GigaByte motherboards, but this has not been verified yet. Intel Some motherboards.

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Micronics Some motherboards probably have it; I need more details about which ones! Octek Some motherboards; I need more details about which ones! I know Adaptec 810 series Ocean Rhino 9. Tekram Most of the motherboards, as far as I can see from the documentation on the Tekram site.


More up-to-date versions are available from http: The comp. The Linux kernel crashes when scanimage is called. I think that's a kernel issue or hardware Adaptec 810 series. I think this scanner is similar to the other ScanExpress models but I don't have any report if it works until now.

Please contact me if you own such a device. Mustek Paragon LS Very few reports about this scanner. It seems to work with the Mustek backend and is handled like a ScanExpress scanner.

To use the full legal size the option "legal-size" must be used in mustek. See sane-mustek 5 for details. Please tell me if this works for you see Bug and success reports.

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Calibration is supported now but isn't perfect yet. I don't know if it works for the A3 Pro. Older versions of the mustek backend Adaptec 810 series some bugs concerning these scanners. Please make sure you use at least the version that came with sane-backends 1.

NCR 53c810 and NCR BIOS info

It is neccessary to enable "Quality calibration" for the first scan in any mode. Otherwise the backend stalles or pure white images are received.


When doing the first scan or after doing no scan for some minutes the scanner pauses for about seconds before scanning for lamp-warmup. If debug messages are enabled a message will be printed.

With its own card the Adaptec 810 series kernel hangs sometimes. I don't know yet why this happens. Other scanners work with this card. Support for automatic document feeder ADF couldn't be tested. In color mode in some resolutions a cyan stripe occurs.

Контроллеры Дисков

I don't know yet the source of this problem. Please test and send debug reports. They are relabeled Mustek scanners. They are said to be very slow at high resolutions, especially in color mode. Try to use Adaptec 810 series with a different SCSI adapter.

R-Studio Help - Disk Controllers

Note that there are lots of scanners made by Trust with "" in their name. Only the scanners mentioned above are supported by the Mustek backend as far as I know.

If your scanner identifies itsself e. For example the SP Plus doesn't work with the Mustek backend.

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