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AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 Driver

# # # & * + - -1 -2 -3 -4 CF Accura Aceex Acer Acer/AOpen Acorp Actebis/Targa ActionMedia ActionTec. AOpen_FMEX2_ Our site provides an opportunity to download for free and without registration different types of Aopen modem software. We would. THE AOPEN FMITU/2 FAX/MODEM Last updated: 4/12/ AOpen just released . Thread: Standard bps v90 modem driver download. Thread Tools.


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AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 Driver

TeleWell TW-5614UL V.92 & V.90 Modem User's Manual

AT M3 DT 9, 1 Your External Modem ignores spaces and punctuation marks when executing a command line, but these characters apply to the 40 characters limit. A command line can contain up to 39 characters. If you want to type more than 39 characters on a command line, AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 a regular command line up to 39 characters long and end it with a semicolon as the last character.

When you AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 Enter, your External Modem executes the commands and returns to command mode, so you can type your next command line.


For your convenience, the last AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 line you execute remains stored in the modem's memory until you type a new command line and press the Enter key. To review the format used to send External Modem commands, refer to Section of this manual.

The registers let you obtain information about the External Modem, and let you test the External Modem. Each S-Register has a factory-set value, which you can read or change to fit your particular requirements. To read the current value of an S-Register, type: To read values from more than one S-Register, type: For example, to read AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 value of Register S0 AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 of rings before answering and S1 incoming ring counttype: This timing lets your modem ignore spurious signals that are the same frequency as the carrier.

Higher S9 values reduce the chance of a carrier being detected.


Range Default 0. Range Default 1. Range Default ms, Country AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 21 7. Response Sets When you send a command to your External Modem, it sends a response to your computer.


The External Modem gives out different responses for the different tasks that it performs. Communication software use these responses to control the flow of the AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000. The responses that are intercepted by the communication program are normally not displayed on your computer AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000. This section describes the External Modem responses returned by the External Modem when you communicate directly with the External Modem.

There are five X response sets: They define certain dialing characteristics and how the External Modem handles dial tones and busy signals, as described in the following sections. The response classifications are designed to meet the requirements for various types of operation and application.

You can select an X AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 set by using the Xn command. Aside from the X response sets, extended responses are also available that shows the carrier speed, compression method and the error-correction protocol as described in the following table. You can enable the extended responses by using the Wn command. External Modem responses can appear as words or numbers. Your AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 Modem is set up to return word responses.

Modemsite Forum56 - The Modem Bulletin Board

Word responses are followed by a carriage return and line feed. If your External Modem is operating under an application that handles character strings inefficiently or cannot handle them at all, you can use the V0 command to switch to numeric External Modem responses. Numeric responses are followed by a carriage AOpen FM56-ITU2 56000 only.

If you do not want to receive External Modem responses at all, you can use Q1 command to disable them.

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