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ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone Driver

Introducing the ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone bringing elegant design, high performance and Android Jelly Bean at a great price. Smart Design The 5 inch. You'll be surprised by the ARCHOS 50 Platinum 4G's 5” IPS HD screen and its 8MP back camera. Powered by a quad-core processor and Android Marshmallow. So, Archos is now making a bid for the smartphone space with the improbably titled Archos 50 Platinum, a device carefully timed to take full.


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ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone Driver

The gloss plastic device features softly curved edges and is just 8. It is what you would expect from a wallet-friendly handset manufacturer by a bit-part player on the smartphone scene — it looks relatively ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone, basic and functional without ever really standing out from the crowd.


Like the S3 before it, the design ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone the Archos 50 Platinum is cheapened by the gloss plastic finish. It quickly becomes smeared with fingerprints, grease and grime. Despite weighing in at a considerable g, 30g more than the similarly sized Samsung Galaxy S4the Archos 50 Platinum does not feel particularly heavy. It feels well made, too, with only a small amount of creak ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone the body when put under pressure and none of the serious issues we often see in cheap phones.

It features a x pixel resolution which, when stretched over the 5-inch panel results in a disappointingly low DPI image quality. The end product of having a 5-inch screen that falls short of modern HD expectations is slightly grainy visuals with pixelisation effecting both video content and text equally.


The explosion on the football field looks flat and hollow with colours and contrast throughout feeling washed out, bleak and lacking that little something extra found on high-end handsets. On the Archos, you're told what card the call is coming in on, but it's not able to give you the network name, or let you name it yourself. What's more, names from the address book didn't appear for us when calls came in. This is a bit of a problem, and we ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone know if it's because of Android, or if there is some problem ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone the way Archos has implemented the address book.

Performance The 50 Platinum is a bit of an odd beast.

Test Archos 50 Platinum 4G Smartphone

It performs well at times, and not so well at others. A good example is typing: We tested video playback at p over the network, and p via both the network and the microSD card.


We found that p video played fine from a ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone server, via the Archos Video app, but locally stored p video was jumpy. DLNA video should not have been downscaled or otherwise tampered with, so that was something of a mystery. Even so, one of the more impressive things about the Archos ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone that it is capable of playing back movies with Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks.

Not every device can do this, so if you're a movie nut, it's worth bearing in mind.

One other ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone that's worth noting is that you need an Archos "codec" pack to play certain files on the phone. This is an Archos trick that's as old as the hills, and dates back to its old media players.

Archos 50b Platinum is a quad-core, dual-SIM bargain - CNET

We still resent it but - and weirdly - there's a third-party app in Google Play that seems to unlock the codecs for free. It worked fine for us too. Screen With a x resoltion, the 50 Platinum's 5-inch display can only boast ppi. It's just not as up there as some of ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone higher-spec smartphones.

But for all practical use it's ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone a brilliant display that has more than enough resolution, colour and fine detail to make using it a real pleasure. In part we suspect that this is because it's an IPS panel, so it has good viewing angles and colours look really natural. The 50 Platinum's IPS panel is really bright, reasonable to see when outside and generally is an all-round good egg.

We found the touch sensitivity a bit lacking though. When we typed in messages or emails, we really felt like the phone was ignoring some of our finger presses.

This was a little frustrating, although using a swipeable keyboard would help fix the problem. Sound Perhaps our largest complaint with the Archos is its headphone ARCHOS 50 Platinum Smartphone. We used our normal headphones - the same pair we use in all testing - plugged them in and had vague, quiet music that either sounded distorted or distant.

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