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Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start Driver

Product Name: Asus Maximus V Formula Review Sample Provided by: Asus Supports Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Rapid Start . The odd looking adapter below is called the ThunderFX Xbox AV + MAXIMUS V FORMULA/THUNDERFXAdd to comparison Supports Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Rapid Start Technology, Intel® Smart Connect. The Maximus V Formula / ThunderFX gives us most of what the Extreme A few years ago around the start of the i SLI chipset launch ASUS created Intel's Smart Connect and Rapid Start technologies, SLI, 3-Way SLI.


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Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start Driver

Interesting to see are heatinks that can be used both as air or liquid cooling. Mind you that for normal overclocking that liquid cooling heatsink is an option, not at all a requirement, it won't hurt either to use it of course.

ASUS Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Intel LGA 1155

You can enter Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start BIOS directly with one click through a user-friendly interface, and quickly select your preferred system boot up method: Whatever your choice, settings are saved and persistent, with no need to choose every time you power on. AMPed for Perfect Audio SupremeFX IV builds on its predecessors, with a carefully tested set of audio capacitors that provide a warmer sound, and a new ohm headphone amplifier built-in, it gives both greater grunt and better gaming audio than ever before.

Featuring both an exclusive EZ Mode for beginners to setup and Advanced Mode for professional users to tweak, it means whatever your PC does in the background; your fragging will always come first! Experience the fast network connectivity!

With the Intel Gigabit LAN solutions onboard, the ultimate network experience can therefore be delivered to its users like never before. These can handle far more impactful output than standard onboard audio hardware, generating superior effects and surround fields for enveloping sound in-game, driven by a powerful ohm headphone amplifier. Since Intel Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start to an integrated memory controller this has always been a problem just as it was for AMD starting in the Athlon 64 days.

There are four color coded DIMM slots. DIMM slots are color coded to make figuring out how to install modules for proper dual channel memory mode operation easy.


The DIMM slots feature a 2-phase power system. The Z77 Express chipset is found directly in front of the expansion slots. The chipset is cooled only by this flat, passive heat sink design which offers optimal clearances for installing expansion cards. The other has been allocated as a eSATA port.

The expansion slot area is well thought out. Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start is where you will find things like the ability to turn on your RAID or to configure how you want your USB ports to act or you can even go down to the port and turn off specific USB ports. I would highly recommend flipping through it all to get your build perfectly configured for yourself.


Next you have the Monitor page where we can check and watch all of our fan speeds and temperatures. Once you are finished setting everything up, under the exit option there is one last option Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start you should take a look at. The ASUS EZ Mode will take you to a more graphical interface that shows you the time and your basic configuration including temperatures and voltage settings.

Just having everything you need all in one program is important and this makes running the software less of a hassle and more of a useful tool that you would actually put to use. With this being a ROG board the software starts up Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start that red and grey theming as well as the ROG logo up in the corner.

Spesifikasi asus: Mainboard Asus Maximus V Formula ThunderFX

You will notice that it says it is powered by the TPU up top, this is a small chip on the motherboard that helps with overclocking and underclocking for better power usage. I will talk more about the overclocking in our overclocking section though. Asus has Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start a leader in moving power control from analog to digital over the past few years on their entire product lineup. There are options for overclocking and just as importantly there are wattage limitation settings that let you cap your power usage to keep your environmental footprint low.

ASUS Maximus V Formula ThunderFX Review

I love that on the right side of the page they have information that adjusts along with the settings that you set your power control to show you what you are doing. Next we have the EPU page.


Here we have more power saving options like various options on turning the vCore voltage down as well as when to turn off hard drives and the Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Rapid Start. The money saved might help me put a little extra back for my next build or for a new game. Here you can change the fan speed ramp up depending on temperatures individually. You will need to reconfigure your bios settings.

Also with the newly designed Virtual Sync, users can enjoy a smoother gaming experience by eliminating tearing artifacts.

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