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ASUS Q500A Driver

Memory Upgrade for ASUS QA Laptop, Upgrade QA Memory with % compatible QA ASUS Laptop Memory RAM modules from. : ASUS QA-BSI5N04 Intel Core i5 M, 6GB Memory, GB HDD,DVD, " HD LED, Windows 8: Computers & Accessories. Asus QA Series QA-BHI7T05 Palmrest Keyboard Touchpad 13N0-N7A


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ASUS Q500A Driver

This of ASUS Q500A has the unfortunate side effect of ASUS Q500A jutting out and occupying valuable desk or mouse space on both sides. The only input on the front edge is the SD card readerwhich can be difficult to access due to the slanted build of the front of the chassis.

Users with larger fingers may need to lift the notebook first ASUS Q500A easier access to the reader. In terms of what is available, the QA offers ASUS Q500A the usual ports that we expect from a notebook in this price range, including a Gigabit Ethernet port and an optical drive. We experienced no unexpected dropouts or connectivity issues with both WLAN and the included Bluetooth 4.

UserBenchmark: Asus QA Compatible Components

ASUS Q500A Dedicated accessories or extensions are not available for the QA ASUS Q500A to no dedicated ports for docking, though such features are usually reserved for business-oriented models and should not be expected on a budget consumer offering. Generic USB 3.

The usual one-year limited standard warranty applies to the QA with extended options available directly from ASUS Q500A. Users who register the notebook will have additional benefits such as onsite repair and replacement with international options depending on the price.

Asus q500a compatibility

Notably, users do not have to sign up for extended services immediately at purchase, but can choose to apply the warranty at any time within ASUS Q500A one-year purchase date. The Chiclet keyboard 34 cm x Travel is certainly not as deep or solid as say a desktop keyboard or the now-extinct beveled keyboard of older ASUS Q500A, but we found it easy to become accustomed to the flat ASUS Q500A keys.

The numpad and arrow keys, however, are made narrower than the QWERTY keys due to the limited space and feel slightly softer when pressed. Auxiliary keyswhich are common on more multimedia-centric notebooks, ASUS Q500A not present here.


The power ASUS Q500A is also quite close to the Esc key, so hasty users may accidentally hit the power key instead when they intended to hit Esc. Another noteworthy mention is the keyboard backlight with three levels of brightness.

Review Asus QA-BHI7T05 Notebook - Reviews

The feature is uncommon on budget notebooks and definitely adds value to the QA. The flat plastic touchpad integrates the usual mouse keys and is ASUS Q500A quite roomy We especially like the chrome perimeter, which is a subtle addition that adds noticeably to the overall aesthetics. Powered by Asus Smart Gesture, the touchpad supports up to 3-finger touch and responds to gestures extremely well with no jumps and few ASUS Q500A errors compared to other budget models, especially when scrolling, rotating or zooming.

The left ASUS Q500A right click keyslike the keyboard keys, are shallow in travel and quiet when pressed. F eedback is acceptablebut can be a bit spongy ASUS Q500A users can still push down on the key and see a depression without the notebook registering the input.

69N0N7M10C04 Asus QA Motherboard NTGMBC01

Of course, users can still tap once to left click as needed. For situations where an external mouse is not available, we found the touchpad to work without any major issues. The x resolution display has been common amongst low-priced Subjectively, the p display is not as ASUS Q500A to those accustomed to p or greater devices, but it should get the job done for most home users and sufficient for ASUS Q500A workloads.

With the X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2, an average brightness of ASUS Q500A nits was measured across nine quadrants. Though it could have been brighter, this is very good for a budget model where displays under ASUS Q500A can be more common, such as the Toshiba C and Acer V Similarly, the contrast is nothing spectacular, but still above average for the price and satisfactory for movies.

For a glossy screen where reflections can be prevalent, the screen brightness of the Asus should prove more than enough for most indoor environments. Color reproduction is quite poor at only about 50 percent of the sRGB ASUS Q500A, or very similar to the display of the Aspire V The low range excludes the notebook for professional use where ASUS Q500A and precise colors may be required, but should otherwise be acceptable for everyday use.

Further color analyses were performed with the X-Rite spectral profiler.

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When uncalibrated, color accuracy ASUS Q500A found to be very poor with very high deviations in DeltaE for all colors. Post-calibration results show much more balanced grayscale and gamma.


Colors improve as well, though red still deviates quite a bit when compared to other colors at full saturation.

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