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Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid Driver

Download drivers for ASUS K73SV for Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Device type: Laptops; Manufacturer: ASUS; Model name: K73SV. Drivers Notizbücher FAQ - Forum - Asus x73sv (k73sv) Please tell me how to run graphics in this notebook? . Changes power modes - Power4Gear Hybrid Utility. Each notebook has a battery and is wise to manage it in the way that will last long time when you are away from a recharge option. This utility is  Missing: K73SV.


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Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid Driver

Meet the ASUS A53 laptop

Get ready to clean the lid and display often if you plan on keeping the Envy 15 looking good as new. HP QKAA Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid taken as a whole, the chassis redesign is a surefire improvement over previous models both superficially and internally. It's most definitely a design that we can see HP utilizing for future Envy notebooks to come, at least throughout Performance HP CC06 The model under review has been pre-configured with the high-end and relatively new Core iQM rated at a base Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid rate of 2.

The take home difference between the two is that the newer iQM can support Turbo Boost up to MHz faster than the iQM for a theoretical maximum of 3. HP CC09 The powerful processor is guaranteed to run everyday applications and even modern high-end games flawlessly.

In this case, any sort of slowdown would more likely be the fault of a bottleneck elsewhere in the system. Results weren't as high compared to the higher-end iQM, of course, Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid the CPU scores from the HP are directly in line with other iQM notebooks we have tested. In theory, the slightly higher-clocked Turbo Boost of the iQM means either scores here should be marginally stronger or at least the same as the iQM when running those same tests.

Indeed, this is exactly what we see with the Envy The HP scored 11m15s and 5m28s in Super Pi 32M Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid wPrime M during our tests, respectively, which are about the same or better than the average iQM according to our database. For a notebook without a built-in SSD, these results are very impressive. Out of the GB of space, Gaming Performance In terms of graphical prowess, the Envy 15 is powered by a moderately fast Radeon M GPU no other discrete cards are available for preconfiguring.

Asus Power4Gear and related drivers

It's certainly no speed demon, but the M was able to play everything we threw at it on at least medium settings. See our dedicated page on the Radeon M here for more technical information on the AMD graphics processor.


In other words, the GPU in the Envy 15 has the same unified shaders and bit memory bus width as its faster brothers, but with slower fillrates, slower memory bandwidth and reduced core and memory clock rates. Users who were expecting to get the definitive M may be disappointed at this fact. The synthetic results are bound to disappoint at least some gamers, but at Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid the GPU can handle most modern games on medium to high settings at respectable frame rates hovering above 30FPS.

By having a total of seven vents, of course. The rather copious number of exhaust outlets ensures that air circulation Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid at its optimum for maintaining internal temperatures.


This allows the notebook to stay close to room temperature throughout the chassis, at least when under ambient temperatures of 18 degrees C. Surface temperatures on all 18 quadrants predictably skyrocketed with the more intense changes nearest the processors.


The temperature gradient is more extreme Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid the underside, especially from the rear where it can feel Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid to use unless if the notebooks is on a solid surface. Still, this torture test is more of a hardware analysis than a representation of real-world conditions — most users won't reach these temperatures under everyday browsing, word processing or video playback.

We even checked our settings and some games to see if any changes could be made to reach the target MHz, but alas, MHz was all the GPU would offer.

The promised 3. Such a maximum is simply unattainable when all cores are under heavy load. Hear the powerMixing gorgeous design, superior hardware, and optimized software results in the ultimate sound experience. ASUS K56 gives you deeper and richer bass, a wider audio range, true-to-life Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid, powerful output, distinct vocals, and pristine clarity. It also offers access to new dimensions of sound, with selectable modes fitting your needs based on your environment and preferences to ensure multi-faceted and living music, movie, and even game sound.

ASUS WebStorage maintains tight security while ensuring greater convenience — it uses easy link-based sharing to get you and your family or friends connected via one unified cloud life.

Laptop van mijn werk traag en traag internet. Nationaal Computer Forum

ASUS K56 is all about quick accessibility and with its energy-conserving design goes into standby for up to two weeks. Your valuable content is always secure and within reach!

With up to 4GB of dedicated DDR3 video memory, the discrete graphics processor accelerates K56 performance, making everything smoother and more fluid while enhancing video quality so movies look great and allowing sleek enjoyment of the latest games. Smooth and responsive performance puts you in command of great computing for everyday use, from daily tasks to Asus K73SV Notebook Power4Gear Hybrid.

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