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Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus Driver

ABIT COMPUTER CORPORATION PR5 R2 PCI (REV .. GRAPHICS ENGINE 32/32 PLUS ASUS COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL PCI-AVGT. Download Asus PCI-AVGT/Plus driver for Video card software now. ASUS PCI-AVGT/Plus (part number PCI-AVGT/Plus) is a Graphics Processing Unit, based on ATI 3D Rage II+ DVD, and built on nm manufacturing.


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Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus Driver

Windows If you discover damaged or missing items, please contact your retailer. This motherboard: Easy Installation: Is equipped with BIOS that supports auto detection of hard drives and Plug and Play to make setup of hard drives Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus expansion cards virtually automatic.

Versatile Processor Support: Intel Chipset: L2 Cache: See page 14 for compatible cache modules. Features an expansion slot extension shared with PCI Slot 4 for an Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus high-performance expansion card which includes two functions in one easy-to-install card.


For revision compatibility information, please refer to page Two floppy drives Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus either 5. The Japanese "Floppy 3 mode" 3. IDE p. Set Jumpers on the Motherboard 2. Install Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus Cards 5. Jumpers Several hardware settings are made Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus the use of jumper caps to connect jumper pins JP on the motherboard.

See "Map of the Motherboard" on page 4 for locations of jumpers. Pin 1 for our motherboards is always on top Pin 1 or on the left Pin 1 when holding the motherboard with the keyboard connector away from yourself. A "1" is written besides pin 1 on jumpers with three pins.

ASUS Video

Jumpers with two pins will be shown as for Short On and for Open Off. Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus manufacturing simplicity, the jumpers may be sharing pins from other groups. Use the diagrams in this manual instead of following the pin layout on the board. Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus with two jumper numbers require that both jumpers be moved together. To connect the pins, simply place a plastic jumper cap over the two pins as diagramed.

Computer motheboards and components contain very delicate Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus Circuit IC chips. To protect the motherboard and other components against damage from static electricity, you should follow Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus precautions whenever you work on your computer. Unplug your computer when working on the inside. Hold components by the edges and try not to touch the IC chips, leads, or circuitry.

Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components. Place components on a grounded antistatic pad or on the bag that came with the component whenever the Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus are separated from the system. If Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus only have onboard cache chips, then you have KB.

If there is no onboard cache, you may install a cache module of either KB or KB. Regardless Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus your cache combination, set the following jumpers according to the total amount of L2 cache that Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus present onboard and installed as a module. To clear the RTC data: When a single power plane CPU is installed, the dual power plane selections will be automatically disabled.

When a Asus PCI-AV264GT-Plus power plane CPU is installed, the single power plane selections will be automatically disabled. Incorrect setting can damage your CPU.

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If you are not exactly clear on CPU jumper settings, check with your retailer. BUS Freq.


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