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Bestunar DVBSky C2800E Driver

Build/patch/kernel/sun8i-default/ = "Bestunar PS", = "DVBSKY CE DVB-C CI". Download the latest drivers for your Bestunar Sound Cards & Media Devices to keep your Computer Bestunar, DVBSky CE - DVBC with CI ยท Download. /projects/imx6/patches/linux/ + } + return 0; +} + +/* bestunar single dvb-s2 */ +static struct dvbsky_m88ds_config.


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Supported systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
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Bestunar DVBSky C2800E Driver

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I have two TiVos, so this would be more or less of a hobby project. I can wait until it's on a more recent version! Hopefully someone can compile the open source version of dvbhdhomerun that supports 3 tuners opposed to the official one from SilconDust that only does 2. Bestunar DVBSky C2800E is Bonzi when you need him?

Not sure what I'm missing, as before I sync and create the bzroot file I am able to get the hdhomerun to be detected and running after compiling everything. Not sure where the problem lies Those scripts you pointed to are great. I'm making a few edits to some of Bestunar DVBSky C2800E paths in them, but they make it so you can do the whole process in just a few steps -- I wish I knew about these before.

Anyways, I'm in the process of creating a new bzimage and bzroot, so we'll see if the problem is Bestunar DVBSky C2800E there after doing that. After placing Bestunar DVBSky C2800E newly created files on my flash drive and rebooting, things seem to progress fine, but I can't access unraid via " http: I'm wondering if I'm not choosing the correct options in the makeconfig portion of the kernel script -- the options have somewhat changed since the version of the kernel that was used in rc4 -- but I figure that can't make too much of a difference in the issue I'm seeing here.

I can post my bzimage and bzroot files somewhere if anyone wants to take a look at them and see if they notice anything I bet you need to add the realtek driver to your bzroot. If you have a realtek nic and you don't build this then you won't Bestunar DVBSky C2800E any network. See the release notes for RC8a http: Ah, so either way I have to Bestunar DVBSky C2800E include the NIC driver -- I'll look for the in the menuconfig options and see if that fixes things.

Download and install Bestunar DVBSky CE - DVBC with CI - driver id

Just a note -- compiling the driver into the kernel indeed fixed the Bestunar DVBSky C2800E I was having. For those trying to copy what I'm doing, I simply did the following before compressing the bzimage again i.

If anyone is interested in the bzimage and bzroot files, let me know and I'll find a way to post them somewhere for easy download. I looked everywhere in there with no luck.

But if ultraman Bestunar DVBSky C2800E it solved he might help with my problem. If you look the driver sources from their web page you will see that this part of code is missing.

Download DVBSky SC - DVBS/S2 with CI Driver for Windows

The openelec has working driver but it was removed by request. Maybe now the situation is changed because I didn't follow this stuff anymore.


I still have original published driver which is included in my builds and that's all. The new drivers have the SiLabs Bestunar DVBSky C2800E as object code no source though: It's true, the code is in media tree for dvb-t2 and in binary form. Which means this will newer come to kernel and probably never in openelec. The story with tbs drivers continue which also have it's own media tree. Too bad.


Senior Member. Dec Reputation: There is now a driver for Si According to developer's web page it's going into kernel 3.


The other components on the card are already supported by Linux: M88DS and CX

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