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Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad Driver

Download Drivers for notebook Acer TravelMate C Please select the correct device driver for. View and Download Acer TravelMate C Series service manual online. Touchpad The built-in touchpad is a pointing device that senses movement on its. Acer TravelMate C User Manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File u Wide and curved palm rest u Ergonomically-centered touchpad pointing device.


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Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad Driver

If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed.

Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions since improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the product to normal condition. If the product has been dropped or the cabinet has been damaged f. If the product exhibits a distinct Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad in performance, indicating a need for service.

Replace the battery with the same type as the product's battery we recommend. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Refer battery replacement to a qualified serviceman. Batteries may explode if not handled properly.

Do not disassemble or dispose of them in fire. Keep them away from children and dispose of used batteries promptly.

Acer TravelMate C Specs - CNET

Use only the proper type of power supply cord set provided in your accessories box for this unit. It should be a detachable type: Maximum length is 15 feet 4. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.

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  • Acer TravelMate C310 Series Service Manual

Discard used batteries according to the manufacturers instructions. Lithiumbatteri - Eksplosionsfare ved fejlagtig hndtering. Udskiftning m kun ske med batteri af samme fabrikat og type. Lver det brugte batteri tilbage til leverandren.

Product support

Benytt samme batteritype eller en tilsvarende type anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten. Brukte batterier kasseres i henhold til fabrikantens instruksjoner.

Anvnd samma batterityp eller en ekvivalent typ som rekommenderas av apparattillverkaren. Kassera anvnt batteri enligt fabrikantens instruktion. Vaihda paristo ainoastaan laitevalmistajan suosittelemaan tyyppiin. Hvit kytetty paristo valmistajan ohjeiden mukaisesti.

Explosionsgefahr bei unsachgemen Austausch der Batterie Ersatz nur durch denselben oder einem vom Hersteller empfohlenem hnlichen Typ. Entsorgung gebrauchter Batterien nach Angaben des Herstellers. This manual should answer most of the questions you have about the day-to-day operation of your TravelMate notebook computer. Use the Just for Starters instructions that came with your computer to get your computer running for the Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad time.

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You should also take advantage of the online help files that are available Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad almost all of the programs shipped with your computer. We hope you enjoy your TravelMate computer. With proper care, your computer will provide you with years of productive service. Make sure the cover latch is unlock before inserting the battery pack otherwise you wont be able to insert the battery pack.

Slide out the battery compartment cover a and align the batterys clasp to the cover and slide it down until the battery is properly seated b. Slide the battery Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad the compartment cover back into the computer c and then lock the battery in place d.

When using a battery pack for the first time, fully recharge the battery, then disconnect the Acer TravelMate C310 Touchpad to use up the battery before recharging again. You only need to do this once with a new battery.


Connect one end of the AC adapter to the DC-in port on the computers rear panel and the other end to a properly grounded power outlet. Open the display cover and slide the power switch towards the rear of the computer then release it to turn on the power. To turn off power, slide the power switch again.

Acer TravelMate C310 Series

If you are using Windows 95 or higher version operating system, we recommend you use the Shutdown command to turn off the computer. If you turn off the computer and want to turn it on again, wait at least 2 seconds before powering up.


To provide you with help when traveling, the notebook also comes with a comprehensive online help. Accessing Online Help Follow these steps to access the online documentation: Press the Windows logo button or Click on the Start button.

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