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ALLNET ALL4706W Driver

Router, wireless, Cisco, God, Cisco Integrated Services Router sælges. Det virker fint. Model: CVAM-W-E-K9 V01 Cisco VA Gigabit. Mbit/s throughput : Mbit/s throughput : ALLNET ALL . Power Connect /3 yes 48 35, AllNet ALLW AllNet ALL NetGear GST 2. Mbit/s throughput : Mbit/s throughput : ALLNET ALL . Power Connect /3 yes 48 35, AllNet ALLW AllNet ALL NetGear GST 2.


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ALLNET ALL4706W Driver


ALLNET ALL4706W guarantee the physical minimal frame size a new field called carrier extension was introduced which is padded up to bytes if the packets are smaller before sending. Small packets are often used in clusters for synchronization purposes, and would cause this overhead frequently.


Therefore a new technique called Packet Bursting was developed. This means that small packets can be sent after one padded without any padding but with 96 ALLNET ALL4706W gaps between them. So it is ALLNET ALL4706W that cable never gets quiet 5 and the possible collision only appears in the first frame Maximum Frame Size - Jumbo Packets Also the amount of transferred data gets more and more.

Additionally the load is increased by many interrupts each for one received packets on the receiving side. Consequentially, the CPU power was the new bottleneck for network transactions. So in a new optional add-on to ALLNET ALL4706W ethernet standard was defined by some vendors.

The frame sizes ALLNET ALL4706W be up to bytes 7, some manufacturers even support bigger frame sizes e. Thus, the processor load and the interrupts per transmit are reduced by 6 or even more for bigger frames.

ALLNET - All reference numbers - 1

The impact of degrading the avarage latency time with bigger packets can be easily adjusted by the admin. Packets bigger than bytes are ALLNET ALL4706W called Jumbo Packets. Without this technique two copy operations, one on the sending side from memory to network card and ALLNET ALL4706W on the receiving side from network card to memory are required.

Also a method called one-copy exist, where only one copy operation is conducted either on the receiving host or on the sending side.

But oviously, zero copy is the fastest for data transferring. There are two main models to implement zero-copy: DMA - the data is copied by a busmaster capable network card directly into the appropriate main memory block A new approach called speculative defragmentation [2] may improve ALLNET ALL4706W overall performance and lower the latency times by a hardware based ALLNET ALL4706W combined with zerocopy Alignment Issues Network interface cards should be able to copy or map the received data not only to aligned addresses.

ALLNET GmbH -IP powermeter Units

The ethernet header itself is 14 bytes long, so if the whole packet is copied to an aligned address, the operating system must access an unaligned address to reach the beginning of the IP header. This ALLNET ALL4706W a very expensive operation on most architectures e. Thus gigabit interfaces will cause many interrupts especially with low MTU values.

Each interrupt needs some CPU cycles to complete the request, so the overall performance ALLNET ALL4706W heavily. The checksum algorithm is quite cheap but in times of high network load the CPU can be working with full capacity on calculating and validating checksums. This is supported by most cards, but the driver support for linux is still rudimentary Hardware Fragmentation As mentioned before the maximum frame size MTU of ethernet packets is limited for various reasons.

If the operating system tries to send packets bigger than ALLNET ALL4706W actual MTU it has to fragment the packets into several small ones.


ALLNET ALL4706W This could also be done ALLNET ALL4706W hardware. The NIC acts as multi-layered adapter, one endpoint is given by the physical medium cablewhose interface is strictly defined by electrical parameters see IEEE Thus there are two interfaces to be designed: Another interface, called MII 10 or for Gigabit Ethernet GMII 11 exists to deliver status information about link speed and negotiation results to the application level - this is not relevant for this study.

The following table compares transfer rates of different bus types: CSA 14 does not fit into this table, because the adapter is directly connected to the MCH ALLNET ALL4706W For further information ALLNET ALL4706W CSA see [4] Evaluation Criteria The available cards are grouped by the built-in connector chips MAC because this has a significant impact on the performance and the driver support for Linux. Then the following facts are used as evaluation criterias: Only separate cards no LOM 16 cards have been analyzed!

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Additional features as mentioned in 1. It seems to work with bcm or tg3 driver shipped with the vanilla kernel. The peak throughput seems to depend strongly on the used mainboard and the measured performance in a 66MHz slot was lower than in a 33MHz slot see [5]. Hardlink HAG and ALLNET ALL4706W Card: Hardlink HAG. The ACx based cards work with the ALLNET ALL4706W driver included in the Linux kernel.

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This chip is supported by the generic ns driver included in the Linux kernel. Syskonnect SK and [7] Cards: Linux ALLNET ALL4706W is also available. It seems to be quiet complicated to operate this card with Linux.

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