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AlazarTech ATS-VI Driver

Vi. ATS User Manual. MAY USE ALAZARTECH, INC. PRODUCTS IN .. The ATS-SDK API is used for programming the ATS in. C/C++, C#, LabVIEW. The AlazarTech SDK includes the header and library files The ATS-VI for LabVIEW provides a rich set of sub-vis and sample applications. ATS-SDK for C/C++, MATLAB and VB, or ATS-VI for. LabVIEW for Windows or a AlazarTech's GB/s benchmark was done on an ASUS.


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AlazarTech ATS-VI Driver

Subclasses that define a new hardware communication should override this method. Subclasses that transform cmd should instead AlazarTech ATS-VI ask.


Returns The return value of the function. Subclasses should override this if they have other specific resources to close. Default is self. Programmers who wish to write an application that calls AlazarTech drivers should: Read the user manual supplied AlazarTech ATS-VI digitizer board. It provides an overview of the digitizer hardware, as well as detailed specifications.

Read the Programmer s guide section of this document. It describes how to program the hardware to make an acquisition, and to transfer sample data into application buffers. AlazarTech ATS-VI the SDK sample programs.

ATS VI Software Manual V5_7_1_MK6 V5 7 1 Web

They include sample code that demonstrates how to make many types of acquisitions. Note that this document includes descriptions of board specific features and options AlazarTech ATS-VI may not be available on your digitizer board. Please refer your board s user manual for its specifications.


AlazarTech ATS-VI the file AlazarApi. The AlazarTech SDK includes a wrapper class that declares many of the constants and unmanaged functions AlazarTech ATS-VI by AlazarTech device drivers. This class is provided both as a C source file AlazarApi. The VIs are divided into layers: This manual documents the functions called by the lowest-level sub-vis. They use prototype files to load the AlazarTech driver library into memory, and call AlazarDefs.

It provides a Visual Basic interface to the many of the constants and functions used by AlazarTech device drivers. See the AlazarTech ATS-VI. Sample programs are available for the following Windows programming environments in the following sub-directories: These lines of code are preceded by TODO comments. Please seach for these lines and modify them as required for your application.

AlazarTech SDK Programmer s Guide. Version June 16, 2011

Many of the sample programs require a trigger input. The sample programs configure a board to trigger when a signal connected to its CH A rises through AlazarTech ATS-VI.


If a trigger signal is AlazarTech ATS-VI supplied, the sample will fail with an acquisition timeout error. Alazar Technologies Inc.

A board AlazarTech ATS-VI is a group of one or more digitizer boards that share trigger and clock signals. Two or more boards form a board system when they are connected together using an AlazarTech SyncBoard. The AlazarTech API assigns a AlazarTech ATS-VI identifier number to each board system, where the first system detected is assigned system ID number of 1. The API assigns a board identifier number to each board in a board system.

AlazarTech SDK Programmer s Guide. Version June 16, PDF

AlazarTech ATS-VI number uniquely AlazarTech ATS-VI a board within its board system. Physically install the digitizer in your computer Identify an unused PCI Express slot on your motherboard. As per PCI Express specification, the 8-lane ATS card is compatible with any 8-lane or lane connector on the motherboard, but not with a 4-lane or 1-lane slot. For best noise performance, leave as much room as possible between your ATS and other hardware. Always screw the digitizer bracket to the chassis in order to create a stable and robust connection AlazarTech ATS-VI chassis ground.

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