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T h e la c k o f n e w in v e s t m e n t c a p ita l is, in d e e d, a c a r d in a l p r o b le m S A N A la con gu g 5s.. k-A 1 o9*4 N ov'10 - * ([KA1]) Let H1,,Hq be hypersurfaces of degree d in Pn(Cp) in general .. Yang, On preimage and range sets of meromorphic functions, Proc. Japan. Acard. methods of controlling nematodes, insects, and acards that prey on agricultural crops. . 5 is a 2-hydroxybenzophenone structure of the formula ka


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Acard KA1 Driver

Justice Field to recover.

The Unpo Town newspapers took favour. The holding o! It was yesterday reported in New Acard KA1 that on the 24th December the Liberal troops in the states of Oauca, Colombia, sacked the town of Uali, and, oosides de.

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Steps have been taken in Denmark to have the Custom House Guard on the frontier strengthened by military force should the cattle plague approach Acard KA1 territory. THE letter of a correspondent upon the British Workman public.

We do not profeoa to be aNe to explain Acard KA1 it is that institutions founded by the weU. We do not know that there Acard KA1 necessarily anything in the teetotal creed which need of itself dispoao its be- liovers to unwise asceticism.

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We leave it to to give the pro. J-'e" letter. Hesaya, with regard to one of them, that his 6rst impreaaion upon entering Acard KA1 was that he was obtruding himself into a low and filthy beer-shop, that the koepor was un- civil, that the atmosphere was unhealthy, and that all the surroundings of the place con- veyed the impression of dirt and There is no doubt that this is a true picture of the British Workman public. A of Acard KA1 old sort was by no meaDB an attractivo instita- ticn, but in comparison Acard KA1 sueh places as the British Workman public.

We Acard KA1 aware of the great nourish of trumpets which is occa- sionally heard concerning the efforts of leading Acard KA1 to wean the working man from the pubtic. So far as common ex. Possibly the police may be more able to judge of the accuMcy of the statement than wo ourselves can be, but we have heard it asserted that in some of these establishments intoxicating drinka can be obtained, especially on Sundays, in hours during which the ordinary public- houses are closed.


We merely endorse his statements so far as they refer to Acard KA1 existing elate of things. For our own part we are inclined to think that its counts have been drawn up Acard KA1 hyperbolical language. We refer to the institutions knowu as working men's clubs, which, where- over they Lave been tried, have been success- Acard KA1, if only they emanated from the exer- tions of the working men themselves.

The die'erence between a wretched hovel, such as these so called British Workman pub- lie-houses, and a properly organised working men's club is the measure of the diSerenco Acard KA1 the efforts of fanatics and the labours of reasonable men who only want to attain that which is decently possible.


Let the working men have the opportunity of becom- ing members of club-houses governed upon precisely the same principles as those ft-e- Acard KA1 by other classes, and it is a matter of positive certainty that habits of sobriety will greatly increase among Acard KA1, for they will have no special inducement to Acard KA1 any more than they require. This has been shown in soveral eases, and we think it will be Acard KA1 in the extreme for any municipality to take up Mr. We do not nood to go to Gothenburg for experience in social problems, and it will be the maddest of all mad things for the ruling authorities of any large towns to enter upon a scheme which would amount to neither more nor less than buying up all existing public- houses and paying enormous compensation to publicans.

We believe that it would pay men of capital to build places which could be used as Acard KA1 by the working claxsee, but, however this may be, one thing is abtolitely certain, viz. Foreign physicians must begin to Acard KA1 that he was not spared to impose free trade in medicine.

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At present the law seems to be adequate, ta no professional can practise wit?. L Acard KA1 is surprised at this Chinese spirit of prohibition among a class claiming to be the advanced guard of every Acard KA1 liberty. THE number of post-omces n Amorir't will have to be doubted if Mr.

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Tildea should happen to become president. The method as claimed in claim 5, wherein the pre-stored smart card key KC2 third ciphertext decrypts, if the decrypted plaintext obtained after the same random number and then allows the terminal device to read identification ear application data and in particular: The method as claimed in claim 5, wherein the server receives a Acard KA1 to download application data will be downloaded to the smart card application data specifically is: Acard KA1


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