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Ark Pioneer NK-1100 Driver


The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Conceived and designed the experiments: Performed the experiments: Analyzed the data: Wrote the paper: Addressed all of the two reviewers' comments as thoroughly as he could in the first draft revised manuscript, and then passed it on to the co-author for his input: Edited the corresponding author's first draft revision and suggested additional changes to improve upon it: Suggested revision of the title and decimal places for Table 1: Suggested revisions in Lines of latest revised clean copy of the manuscript: Revised Abstract: Edited and further revised Introduction: Revised Ark Pioneer NK-1100 Revised Discussion and Conclusions: Edited and further revised Discussion and Conclusions: Included more resources and reorganized Ark Pioneer NK-1100 Edited response to Reviewers: Final edits to revised manuscript before submission: Submitted revision: Received Feb 7; Accepted Nov This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


Abstract This study evaluated whether grass intercropping can be used to alleviate Fe deficiency chlorosis in dry beans Phaseolus vulgaris L. Black- and navy beans were grown alone or intercropped Ark Pioneer NK-1100 annual ryegrass Lolium multiflorum Lam. All four grass species increased chlorophyll intensity in dry beans.

However, grass species did not increase iron Fe concentration in dry bean tissues suggesting inefficient utilization of Fe present in the dry bean tissues. Innitrate-nitrogen NO3-N and manganese Mn concentration in bean tissue were greater in bean monoculture than in grass intercropped beans. Bean monoculture also had greater soil NO3-N concentrations than grass intercropped treatments. Annual ryegrass was the least competitive Ark Pioneer NK-1100 the four annual grass species.

This suggests that competition from grasses for nutrients, water, or light may have outweighed Ark Pioneer NK-1100 accruing from grass intercropping. Additional studies are required to determine the appropriate grass and dry bean densities, as well as the optimum time of grass removal.

Iron deficiency chlorosis in dry bean is common in the high pH, calcareous soils prevalent Ark Pioneer NK-1100 this region [2]. Iron deficiency chlorosis under these conditions may not be due to low Fe concentration in soil but more frequently a result of low Fe availability [3]. Iron is almost exclusively present in the soil in its oxidized form, Fe IIIwhose availability for plant uptake is limited due to its low solubility, especially at high pH and in the presence of Ark Pioneer NK-1100 [4][5][6].

In calcareous soils, constituting over one Ark Pioneer NK-1100 of global cultivated land [7]the soil solution provides less than one tenth of plants' requirement for Fe [8]. Iron is essential for many physiological and biochemical processes that drive the biotic system including photosynthesis, respiration, DNA synthesis and dinitrogen Ark Pioneer NK-1100 [9]. An understanding of cultural options of managing Fe deficiency is important in determining more sustainable and less expensive alternatives for conventional, organic, and natural dry bean producers.


One such option may involve utilizing synergistic relationships that may exist between plant species that are tolerant and susceptible to Fe deficiency grown together in polycultures.

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